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Yan Hing Machinery Co., Ltd., was established in Hong Kong in the 1950 's  and was a pioneer, committed to the development of injection molding machines and also in the industry. Our founder Mr. Leung Yin seized the opportunity during China's reform and opening up in the 1990s to establish Yan Hing Machinery ( Shenzhen ) Co., Ltd. , and purchased land to build 25,000 square meters of industrial plants which had the monthly production capacity of more than 100 injection molding machines; In 1995, Yan Hing Machinery was granted land to build 15,000 square meters of production plant at the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate in Hong Kong . This expanded the scale of production and in the exportation business, and was also in line with Mr. Leung Yin’s business motto " integrity first, quality-oriented."  Over the six decades of development of injection molding machines, Yan Hing machines have been well received by their users to be of superior quality and in the forefront of the industry.


Continuous Innovation and Accolades
Yan Hing Group believes in continuously innovating and moving forward and their various product lines have been improved upon. In the early 1990s all machines were computer-controlled; in the 1990s the direct pressure clamping injection molding machine was developed; 2000 jointly developed an all-electric injection molding machine in collaboration with the Hong Kong Productivity Council; in 2003 developed a large direct hydraulic clamping injection molding machine; 2005 research and development of hybrid injection molding machine and hot/cold chamber die casting machines; in 2007 jointly developed micro-injection molding machine in another collaboration with the Hong Kong Productivity Council; won the "Hong Kong Awards for Industry"  in 2008 for a multi-color injection molding machine (which received invention patent in 2015) ; 2009 introduced the servo energy saving system and received the "national level energy-saving label" and also clinging the "Guangdong Famous Brand"; in 2013 developed a large two-plate hydraulic clamping injection molding machine, and  was also awarded the "Hong Kong SMEs Star Brand Award” and "FITMI Award for Innovation and Technology Achievement Award;  in 2014 was awarded the Certificate of Merit for Productivity and Quality of Hong Kong Awards for Industries. All Yan Hing machine are manufactured with reference to national and CE safety standards. Yan Hing Group has also set up a technology development center to achieve effective docking and streamlining of the innovation process and also to promote ownership of innovation across all staff and levels in the company.

Pro-Winner die-casting machine is a product line from Yan Hing Group. It launched Southeast Asia's first semi-solid die casting machine in 2004. In the same year, Pro-Winner also launched a full 850 tons of clamping force which was China’s first multi-purpose, ultra-high speed magnesium, aluminum cold chamber die casting machine. European brands are now utilising this technology, especially in the automotive parts industry and users have expressed positive feedback. Also in 2004, a semi-solid aluminum die casting machine was developed in a tripartite collaboration with the Hong Kong productivity Council and the French experts..

In 1999 Yan Hing Group received the British BSI ISO9001 quality management certificate, which indicates that the company has achieved early modern enterprise management ranks. This ensures that management systems are standardised, which is then reflected through the design, development, production, assembly and service thereafter.

Yan Hing Group promotes a "people-oriented" business philosophy. Business development achievements of outstanding senior management team and employees are inseparable. Continuous types of training are conducted via a "special technical training team” for regular technical training of staffs, in-service training for the management team and professionals and management consultants are hired for their expertise and value add. 

Future development of the vision - "Inheritance • past with the future ."
To meet the needs of diversified development, Yan Hing Machinery purchased 140,000 square meters of industrial land in Gaoming District of Foshan City in 2010, to build a large-scale production base for further expansion. 

June 12, 2014 , Yan Hing Machinery ( Foshan ) Co., Ltd., wholly owned by Yan Hing Group celebrated its opening ceremony was held in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of Yan Hing Group. Yan Hing Group has achieved an eventful six decades. The "Yan Hing" road of development has been widely anticipated in the injection molding industry and non-ferrous metal die-casting industry and the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry.

Yan Hing Group has received much recognition, stemmed from its successful history in pioneering the way to steering the course of its development and continuous innovation.

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